Lets monitor and control your business to save energy and reduce operating costs. Energy Solutions provides monitoring, measurement and control any business environment via our unique cloud-based technology stack.

Our technology has been developed 'in-house' and is proudly South African.

connected buildings


We deliver a leading technology platform for smart buildings. With our scalable network, real-time data collection and high-value applications, Energy Solutions is redefining what a smart building can be. By connecting temperature control, power management, lighting and HVAC it can allow us to create smarter performance through data analytics, allowing for continual efficiency management of each building or destination.

connected infrastructure


We provide inovative solutions with our integration into Water, Gas and electrical systems. Our system alleviates risks, reduces downtime and keeps your business connected to all geographically distributed assets. Get timely alerts, exercise remote control and streamline operations for multiple business units with a single monitoring and management console.

Energy Optimization


We provide specialized hardware, energy efficiency strategies, automated reporting and consultancy to reduce energy consumption. We incorporate real-time monitoring and customised reports for light and heating/cooling systems. We provide analysis and detailed recommendations on how to reduce costs. Our Rate & Tariff Engine transforms meter data into rands and cents, supporting accurate ROI, cost allocations & reporting.

artificial intelligence


We can predict future outcomes using artificial intelligence-based algorithms - machine learning. A modular, interconnected mesh of digital technologies, our platform tackles specific business challenges from beginning to end. With fully integrated automation, analytics, and AI engines, Energy Solutions draws insights from our process knowledge to deliver AI for real world solutions.

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